About Us

Fleek Designs was birthed from the visionary, Chris King. In 2013 Fleek Designs made its debut, its emergence changed the way consumers interact with it’s newly formed community of visual enhancement vendors. Since it’s creation, Fleek Designs now presents a community of well-vetted and qualified individuals thus bridging the gap between consumer and artist.

As 2010’s Innovator of the Year in Photojournalism, Chris has a keen eye for not only photography but scouting talent as well. His attention to detail and dedication to his success and also the success of his team has gained him many accolades. He’s created a visual media and documentaries for well-known news outlets and has covered events as large as Million Man March, Bet Awards, Wild & Out, and many other major platforms.

Since developing a vast portfolio, Chris set out to ensure that the talent he acquired was prepared for a successful career. With that in mind, Fleek Designs show cases talent, models, artists and more. He teaches clients the base for the winning strategy both in front of and behind the lenses. From photography, models, management and web development, Fleek Designs ensures that you are Always On Fleek!