About Us

Fleek Designs is an internationally acclaimed Management Group working for the industry since 2013 – scouting talented individuals who want to enter into the world of modeling & talents connecting them with potential clients.

Fleek Designs

In 2013, Chris King, envisioned Fleek Designs – an inclusive platform to find the right talent and connect them with the clients nationwide. Since it was founded, Fleek Designs has been bridging the gap between artists and brands. It connects models with advertising agencies, brands, and magazines. We like to define ourselves as an agency that wishes to revolutionize the advertising industry through the right people. For us, finding potential talent is our passion – we feel great pride in scouting passionate individuals with a lot of attitude and grit, who don’t shy away in front of the camera.

Titled as “2010’s Innovator of the Year in Photojournalism”, King has a keen eye for scouting talents as well as photographing them. His dedication and attention to detail led him to immense success and won his team many awards over the years. Chris is also well-known for creating various visual media and documentaries for famous news outlets and has covered many prominent events such as Million Man March, Bet Awards, Wild & Out, and many more.

With a diverse portfolio, King strives to find capable and passionate people and prepare them for a flourishing career in the modeling industry. With that in mind, we put great emphasis on diversity in the modeling world. We try to make models feel the best by being themselves! No high demands or requirements are expected from them. No matter the size, weight, or gender, we encourage people from all walks of life who want to start their modeling careers.

Fleek Designs is constantly growing and developing together with our artists and clients. Ensuring that you are Always On Fleek, Fleek Designs offers services from photography to scouting models and connecting them with consumers, model management, web development, graphic designing, image consulting, portfolio building, and more. We organize models for campaigns, commercials, fashion shows, castings, and magazine placements. We work with our clients, so they can achieve high-quality results – turning their customers into raving fans.

No matter where you are, we are there with you in the casting and selection of a perfect talent. We also sell stylish and luxurious clothes and accessories to make you feel comfortable as well as classy. Visit TheFleekShop.com to see more of our fashion items.

Looking to become a model? Or looking for that perfect face for your brand? You are at the right place! Contact us and let us get started.